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Influencer Income: Make Money Online With This Free Guide to Monitizing Your Social Media Accounts

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Monetize Your Media 

Social Media Monetization

If you have a substantial number of followers/subscribers on social media, you've already gotten past the most difficult part of making money online.  Congratulations! 🎉
Now all you need are the platforms and tools that put you in touch with the companies paying big bucks for bringing them new customers.

Many influencers and bloggers are making a killing with sponsored
posts and partnerships with huge brands. Do you ever see #ad or #sponsored on a video or picture? That means the person is being compensated to post the content you're viewing, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars!

How to Get Paid for Your Content

Option 1:
Reach out to brands yourself!

If you have a large following, brands would love to turn your audience into their customers. They are willing to pay you because they will of course make more money from the sales you generate. You can negotiate a set rate or commission per sale for customers you…

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