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Social Media Monetization

If you have a substantial number of followers/subscribers on social media, you've already gotten past the most difficult part of making money online. 

Congratulations! 🎉

Now all you need are the platforms and tools that put you in touch with the companies paying big bucks for bringing them new customers.

Many influencers and bloggers are making a killing with sponsored
posts and partnerships with huge brands. Do you ever see #ad or #sponsored on a video or picture? That means the person is being compensated to post the content you're viewing, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars!

How to Get Paid for Your Content

Option 1:
Reach out to brands yourself!

If you have a large following, brands would love to turn your audience into their customers. They are willing to pay you because they will of course make more money from the sales you generate. You can negotiate a set rate or commission per sale for customers you bring to the brand. 

Prepare a simple pitch to email to brands you would like to work with.



My name is Influencer and I am interested in promoting your brand to my audience of 65,000 engaged

(Youtube subscribers, blog readers, Instagram followers ect.)

I admire your brand and I think my followers would really be interested in your products. I have a rate of $500-$1000 per 

(blog post, video ect.)

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I’m eager to start a partnership that benefits us both! Check out my page below. 

Thank you,


(Link to your blog, Youtube)

This is just a rough idea of what you could say. Put it into your own words and tailor it to fit you.

Then just be sure to watch your email for their response.

Brands usually have a contact us area on their website which is

where you can find their email.

Here are some ideas of types of brands to partner with based on 

your lifestyle and characteristics:


Baby brands like The Honest Company


Facial hair care brands like Dollar Shave Club


Food Subscriptions like Blue Apron

If you see someone else posting paid content by a specific brand, go to their website and see if it has “affiliate” or “partner” listed anywhere.

If not reach out to them directly as mentioned earlier.

Option 2:

Join a social media /Influencer or affiliate marketing platform

There are tons of networks out there that already have the brands lined up ready to pay you. 

You join their site and they will have marketing campaigns with instructions from the brand as to where and how they would like their information posted online. 

They will usually also state how much they are paying for the post. 

Just because there are dozens of networks doesn't 

mean you have to sign up for all of them. Try out 1 or 2 first. 

Make sure you spread out paid content so that your followers 

don't feel like they are constantly being sold to. 

Sprinkle paid posts amongst your other regular content. 

Your normal posts are why they followed you after all. 

Don't ruin that trust by bombarding them with ads.

Make sure you disclose that the content is paid by using 


#sponsored or “paid partnership with

(brand name)” so you are not penalized by the FTC.

Here are a few affiliate networks to get you started making money ASAP!

Social Fabric


Brand Snob

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